Persian Gulf or Arabian Gulf

Congratulations! Google Maps has recently added the term "Persian Gulf" on it's maps!

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What do you think is the right name for the gulf ?
Arabian Gulf الخليج العربي
Persian Gulf خليج فارس

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What do you think is the right name for the gulf ?
Arabian Gulf الخليج العربي - 50.3%
Persian Gulf خليج فارس - 49.7%
  Total votes: 18188830
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Why Persian Gulf? Why Arabian Gulf?
  • Used in most of the maps from long time ago so there is no need to change the name. It has been and will always remain the Persian Gulf
  • Used by United Nations in their documents
  • It's a historical name
  • On almost all maps printed before 1960, and in most modern international treaties, documents and maps, this body of water is known as the "Persian Gulf".
  • Arabian gulf means the Red Sea so the "Arabian gulf" name may create confusion with the Red sea so it's better to use the name Persian gulf
  • If the Arabian Gulf gets it's name from the fact that more Arab countries are surrounding it, then India Ocean should also change its name because India has a smaller border with it than other countries.
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  • Used by the Arab League
  • Used by United Nations in their Arabic documents and Arabic Language is an official language in the United Nations
  • The name "Persian gulf" is linked to the Persian empire that does not exist any more. As Mediterranean sea used to be called Roman Sea
  • Iran does not mean Persia, Iranian people consist of Persians, Arabs, Azeri, Turkmen, Kurds, Gilakis, Mazandaranis, Lurs, and Baluchis
  • The people who live around the gulf are mostly Arabs so by demography it should be called Arabian Gulf
  • There are 6 Arabic countries around the gulf but Iran is alone and 70% of the coast line is under Arabic countries
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